Welcome to The Eleventh Hour. We are a post-Firestar roleplay set in the new lake territories, and are AU after the end of the main series. Peace has reigned through the Clans for many moons, but now that peace has fractured and split among the mysteries surrounding their home. Cats are dying with only one thing in common: They are all found floating in, or laying wet and muddy around the lake. The Clans have begun to lash out at one another in fear and confusion, and only RiverClan seems to hold the key to preventing an all-out war. With an entirely member-driven (you decide the outcome!) plot, a mere two hundred minimum word count, and a friendly, active user base, we hope that you like what you see and will consider joining us.
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green-leaf: temperatures between 70° and 95°f. rain currently threatens the sky. prey is difficult to find, and skinny.

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CLANLESS • 05♂ • 06♀ • 00○ • TOTAL: 11
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July 2015
member — SHARPIE
female — ROSIE
couple — HARESTAR & JADE
youngster — LEAFPAW
"I don't give a mouse's tail what anybody else might think of us or whatever difference in rank they might see. There is none to me. You are a dear, dear friend to me, Oakwhisker, and I'm honored you feel the way you do. To tell the truth, there is no one else, there never has been. As long as I was serving ShadowClan, I thought that would be okay. But I was wrong. I do love you, Oakwhisker, and I would be just as honored to walk with you, if that's what you want."
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You are all loved and admired.
Don't forget to do your claims! • CBOX RULES
AUGUST 25, 2015 Hey, guys! Sorry for the lack of events; between preparing for the new year of uni and trying to get SkyClan in order, there hasn't been much time for brainstorming. The month of September will, however, be chuck-full of stuff for you guys to enjoy to make up for it. That said, the August Activity Check and OTM Nominations have been posted. Please post there as soon as possible if you plan on sticking around.

AUGUST 05, 2015 Hey, guys; don't forget to give this a look-see. We've been seeing quite an unrealistic amount of forbidden relationships (especially regarding the site's medicine cats), so this thread contains some important new information regarding that.

AUGUST 04, 2015 OTM badges are running a little late, because I (Rowan) have to reinstall Photoshop before I can make them. They should start appearing on your mini-profiles within a day or two.

JULY 30, 2015 We have added a board for retroactive threads, titled the Hall of Dreams! This board is for anything that happened in a character's past - including things pre-site or things that never got a chance to be threaded out. All of the usual site rules apply!

JULY 25, 2015 The monthly Activity Check and OTM Nominations have been posted! Please reply to the thread as soon as possible. Also, we're working diligently on SkyClan's site lore, so expect them to make an appearance before Summer's end!

JULY 05, 2015 Ohoho, so soon? Yes! Another FLASH EVENT is taking place over in ShadowClan! Go protect your territory from a desperate fox!

JULY 04, 2015 Happy 4th of July, everyone! In celebration, an adder is attacking the ThunderClan nursery! Hurry and take part in this very fun FLASH EVENT. If you don't have any TC cats, don't worry; we will have stuff for everyone at some point. Stay tuned!

JUNE 25, 2015 We ask that you all please take a look at this post within the activity check thread, as it contains some important information regarding the OTMs.

JUNE 25, 2015 The monthly activity check and otm nominations have been posted! Please reply to the thread by July 1st, or you will risk deletion.

JUNE 21, 2015 Green-leaf has officially started on EH, and with it comes another event! This event will last for about two weeks, so have at it! The deadline has also been chosen for our SkyClan high positions, and it will be on June 28, 2015. However, they will likely not be announced until a few days after that, as we have implemented a new staff voting system for these sorts of decisions.

JUNE 20, 2015 Alright, congrats to our newest moderator, Aspen! All of the applications were beyond fantastic. This has literally been the hardest decision we've ever had to make, and I truly wish we could just wrap you all up in a tiny modlet blanket and keep everyone, but there will be more opportunities in the future, I'm sure.

JUNE 19, 2015 Friendly reminder for everyone to please post in this thread once you've finished your character. Sometimes it's hard for us to be able to tell which apps are done and which are not, which then leads to us taking forever to review and accept them. We don't like to keep people waiting for too long before they're able to play their characters, so this just makes it easier for us. Thanks!

JUNE 16, 2015 Seeing as how we've been seeing a lot of this lately, the rules have been updated.

JUNE 09, 2015 We now have a weather box! It can be found right beneath our welcome message, so please look to it when starting up new threads. This will be updated daily or weekly to keep things fresh, depending on how long the weather pattern holds.

JUNE 05, 2015 Today marks one year since EH's grand opening, and we are celebrating with a brand new skin! Not only that, but be sure to keep your eye out for several goodies throughout this month, including (but not limited to) contests and events. Here's to the future!

JUNE 04, 2015 In light of Tinsel's departure for the time being, Batnose has become the new ShadowClan medicine cat. Now, the reason we didn't hold auditions is simple; because Orchidsong didn't hold the position for long, we felt it to be reasonable that we fall back on someone else who had auditioned at the same time, and therefore we reviewed the old auditions one more time. Congratulations!

MAY 30, 2015 Training Threads and Pregnant Leaders / Deputies will no longer show up as a merit, just to keep things a little bit cleaner, as we're sure a lot of people will purchase training threads. This will prevent merit repeats for items. If your Training Thread or Pregnant Leader / Deputy item is still showing up as a merit, please PM Rowan and she will fix it. In similar news, we've limited the number of a single item permitted to be in your inventory at a time to one. This will hopefully prevent people from hoarding, and allow others to have a chance at snagging the item they need. Only one more day remains in the activity check, so please post if you plan on sticking around!

MAY 29, 2015 Please welcome Brandad to the EH Crew!! He is our newest moderator, so please don't hesitate to ask him questions and offer your congratulations!

MAY 28, 2015 Sadly, Tinsel has decided to step down from her position of staff. We will miss her, however she will definitely be welcomed back to the team if she ever decides she wants to help out again! She is not leaving the site, and will remain a beloved member of our community.

MAY 25, 2015 The monthly activity check and otm nominations have been posted.

MAY 19, 2015 Congratulations to Tyl and her character, Darkstorm, on becoming the new WindClan deputy! Thank you to everyone else who auditioned, too. You made the decision incredibly difficult for all of us (and Bran). We look forward to seeing how WC develops from here.

MAY 18, 2015 Don't forget to drop by our mentor and apprentice pairings thread to let us know when you've got enough posts in a thread. We try to stay on top of it, but some threads still manage to slip past us.

MAY 16, 2015 This is a reminder for everyone to please log into all your accounts daily, even if you don't post. It really helps us out when we recycle things. Also, remember that there is still a prey shortage! I've noticed a lot of threads where the hunting parties have been quite successful, however they should not be. Some prey is fine, of course, but you should not be finding large quantities of prey, and it shouldn't be large and/or plump when it is found. Yes, this applies to RiverClan, too; the fish are at an all-time low, as well, more likely to be found dead.

MAY 13, 2015 Congratulations to Tinsel and her character, Orchidsong, for becoming the new medicine cat of ShadowClan! If you didn't get it, we're sorry; there were a lot of great auditions, and there will surely be more opportunities to audition for another spot in the future. For instance, did you know that WindClan currently needs a deputy? The deadline for that has been set for May 19th, so go audition while you can!

MAY 10, 2015 Syn has chosen to step down from her role as WindClan leader. She is fine, so don't worry; she just doesn't feel like she can be active enough to hold that position. However, she will be keeping Reedwhisker, one of the RiverClan medicine cats, and Acornstar is still alive (now known as Acornbelly); we are still determining his reasons for stepping down. This means that Harenose has been promoted, and that WindClan Deputy auditions are now open!!

MAY 06, 2015 Congratulations to Nocturne and her character, Rooktail, for becoming the new deputy of RiverClan! We will be naming the new ShadowClan Medicine Cat on May 13th, so get your auditions in by then if you're interested!

MAY 01, 2015 The activity check has ended, and any inactive accounts have now been purged from the site. If you have returned, or you were somehow deleted by mistake, we ask that you simply remake your accounts and PM Rowan, so that she can restore your things.

APRIL 30, 2015 The activity check and otm voting will end tomorrow, so please post if you're still active, and haven't yet. If you don't have an active absence thread, you will be deleted if you don't post! There are also meetings going on in ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan that you guys can feel free to post in if you're looking for something quick to do. c:

APRIL 30, 2015 It's recently been called to my (Rowan's) attention that I may have handled Mericet's leaving quite poorly, and I would like to make it right. This should have been made on the day that she left us (which would have officially been April 27th, 2015), but here it goes, and I hope it's not too late for it to mean anything. Mer has decided that EH is not in her best interests anymore, and has decided to leave. However, I would like to say that she put a lot of time and effort into EH, helping me to make it the fantastic success it has been all this time, and I will forever be grateful to her for that. She drove me to make updates when I was being a bit slow, and when activity was low, she logged in and encouraged others to do so as well. She's the reason we have an automated marketplace now, and that awards system? Thank her for that. She loved the site as much as I do, so please understand that her leaving was through no fault of her own. As for her characters, she has said that they are all dead (except for adopted ones, which may be put back up for adoption), but she has requested that no details about their deaths be given, and I'd like you all to respect that wish. Thank you.

APRIL 29, 2015 Our new RiverClan Deputy will be announced on May 6th, so get those auditions in while you can!

APRIL 25, 2015 As per the usual, our Activity Check and OTM Nominations have been posted for the month of April. Please post, and vote as soon as you are able! From now on, those who don't vote in the OTMs will not be allowed to win in the category that they did not vote in. Any empty spaces will be chosen by our staff.

APRIL 21, 2015 The raid has ended with Stonestar's reveal that it is not the Clans killing off the cats... something is wrong with the lake.

APRIL 18, 2015 We now have a StarClan sub-board available for you all to roleplay the dead kitties that you've kept around! We don't want to see a bunch of freshly made dead cats, however; this is mainly for characters who have died on site. One or two cats from one of your living characters' pasts is alright, just don't go overboard please. Thank you!

APRIL 12, 2015 Due to the amount of people starting up a forbidden romance, which we feel to be quite unrealistic to the way that the warriors world works, it is now required that you purchase this from the marketplace. You will need to do this even if you've already begun your relationship, otherwise it will not be permitted to continue. If you've already given birth to forbidden kits, please PM Rowan or Mericet and they will gift you the forbidden romance, but only if you've already gotten that far. Thank you, and we hope you understand.

APRIL 09, 2015 Congratulations to Tinsel for being selected for biography moderator and to Zebra for becoming our new advertisement moderator! Be sure to give these two warm hugs when you see them. Good job everyone who auditioned, it was hard to choose between all of you!

APRIL 03, 2015 Currently, the staff team is accepting moderator auditions! They're open to members new and old, and we wish all you hopefuls good luck! We would also like to congratulate Bran, with his character Harenose for achieving deputy in WindClan!

MARCH 24, 2015 Congratulations to Golden, and Maplecloud for becoming the newest ThunderClan Deputy! Thank you to everyone who tried out; it was a truly difficult decision to make.

MARCH 22, 2015 The March activity check and OTMs have been posted! Please reply by April first. Thank you!

MARCH 17, 2015 The deadline for the ThunderClan Deputy Auditions has been decided: March 24, 2015. If you are interested in the position, please have your audition in by then. Thank you, and happy St. Patrick's Day!

MARCH 12, 2015 New skin! As always, please let us know if you find anything out of place or awkward, or if any of the colours sear out your eyeballs. Remember to please log into all your accounts daily, even if you don't post; it really helps us out when we recycle things.

MARCH 09, 2015 Due to Fallow's current situation, she has decided to downsize. As a result, sadly, Whitestep will be resigning, and ThunderClan Deputy Auditions are now open! Be sure to get your auditions in asap. WindClan MCA will remain closed until Zebra feels like Owlberry is ready to take on a new apprentice.
EDIT Fallow is alright, she just isn't able to be around much and felt that it was unfair for her to have high positions while she's on hiatus. She appreciates your concern and will be doing her best to keep us updated on how she is. <3

FEBRUARY 28, 2015 Friendly reminder for everyone to please log into all your accounts daily! It makes it easier on us when we recycle things. Thank you!

FEBRUARY 24, 2015 The February activity check and OTMs have been posted and end March third. Please post! <3

FEBRUARY 23, 2015 Due to our growing member base (and because of a recent incident on my part), you are now able to reserve names for up to one week at a time to make sure that your prefix does not get snatched up before you are able to finish your bio. Please visit the name claim to do so. On a brighter note, I am pleased by the rate at which the raid is moving! Keep it up!

FEBRUARY 19, 2015 Congratulations, Mothpaw, on becoming the newest member of ThunderClan's medicine team! A big thank you to all who applied for the position — you all definitely succeeded in making this difficult for me with your stunning applications!

FEBRUARY 19, 2015 It's about to get real over in ThunderClan, as the RAID has been started! The character excerpt contest has been closed, too, and the results of that will be posted momentarily. The ThunderClan MCA auditions are closed! Results will be posted by Moonaloo later today.
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 HALL OF FAME, behold; the glorious past otms.
 Posted: Sep 14 2014, 08:48 AM
Site Staff
436 posts
16381 beetles

mentor: N/A
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Hall of Fame

Below, you'll find all of our previous Of The Month winners, going all the way back to our very first OTMs for the month of July, 2014. We'll always keep them here in honor of their awesomesauce and general likability.



      member: sharpie
      male: ospreywing
      female: rosie
      couple: harestar, jade
      friendship: cherrypaw, fennelpaw
      hateship: darkstorm vs. hornestorm
      youngster: leafpaw
      thread: a lightning strike
        "i don't give a mouse's tail what anybody else might think of us or whatever difference in rank they might see. there is none to me. You are a dear, dear friend to me, oakwhisker, and I'm honored you feel the way you do. to tell the truth, there is no one else, there never has been. as long as I was serving shadowclan, I thought that would be okay. but I was wrong. i do love you, oakwhisker, and I would be just as honored to walk with you, if that's what you want.""
        - vultureheart (briggs), a new path to tread


      member: monument
      male: fogheart
      female: mousestar
      couple: magpiestar, willowbreeze
      friendship: fogheart, boulderstride
      hateship: cinderflight vs. ferretfoot
      most tragic: cricketstrike
      thread: come hell or high water
        "mighty isn't the word i'd use to describe the likes of you, emberstar. your reign of tyranny is over. leafstrike and i can't watch you bring our clan down any longer... no, even if you're our sister, we will defeat you!"
        - brightpaw (atlas), turbo killer


      member: bran
      male: rabbitleap
      female: batnose
      couple: apple-ear, ivorytail
      friendship: birchbelly, batnose
      hateship: snakekit vs. mudkit
      most evil: maplecloud
      thread: the prodigal son
        "i don't know if i can accept it. i was never as strong as you, my little mountain."
        - magpiestar (aspen), my endless love


      member: tinsel
      male: mudkit
      female: calpurnia
      couple: aspentongue, rowanstar
      friendship: volecloud, cloverstep
      hateship: vultureheart vs. aspentongue
      nicest cat: cloverstep
      thread: stay with me
        "we are all okay, even if we are a little bit broken."
        - crowheart (monument), calling you


      member: cake
      male: cottonheart
      female: tawnyfang
      couple: honeystorm, lichenstorm
      friendship: victoria, dieter
      hateship: newtpaw vs. asterpaw
      parent/child: birchbelly & all of shadowclan
      thread: don't look back
        "mothpaw dropped his bundle at nut-tail's paws, words spilling out of his mouth as soon as he could speak. "i know you don't like seeing us 'cause the old medicine cat couldn't save your tail, but-- look, they're cattails and they're all for you, and now you have more tails than anyone in all the clans. rowanstar's gonna have to call you nut-tails from now on." he exhaled with that, and couldn't stop purring as he made his way to the herb store. he could handle this by himself. he didn't want to wake spiderfall. "now how about your leg, how's it feeling?"


      member: raven
      male: swiftjaw
      female: maplecloud
      couple: horsewhisker, birchbelly
      friends: apple-ear, ivorytail
      enemies: adderstar vs. thunderclan
      ooc friends: bran & caelinus
      best thread: last one to know
        "spiderfall remembered what it had been like when they had been apprentices, when they'd just turned 6 months old. when maplecloud had been full of life, energy, happiness. when she'd been whole. spiderfall missed that time, his innocent youth, the time before shellfoot starting to antagonize his sister. if only they could go back to then."
        - spiderfall (moonaloo), maybe this is all a test


      member: moonaloo
      male: dandelionwhisker
      female: pinepaw
      couple: harenose, heatherpaw
      friends: sorrelfire, vultureheart
      enemies: aspentongue vs vultureheart
      training: featherpaw & mousetooth
      best thread: where in the world we are
        "if you were my clanmate, sorrelpaw, i'd follow adderstar everywhere she went until she made you a full warrior. what you did, it was brave. crazy, but brave. i hope rowanstar has enough sense to recognise that."


      member: fallow
      clan: windclan
      male: bluefang
      female: heatherpaw
      couple: aspentongue, rowanstar
      friends: lichenstorm, honeystorm
      enemies: thunderclan vs shadowclan
      best thread: at the bottom of everything
        "there were so many upsides to the situation and most of her birth clan was only choosing to focus on the bad. on the other paw, she was completely jealous of him. why did he have the opportunity to raise his children when hers were so viciously ripped away?"
        - honeystorm (monument), take me away


      member: bran
      male: pumpkintoes
      female: pigeon
      couple: stonestar, minnowleap
      friends: sagepaw, sorrelpaw
      enemies: cottonheart vs. cootfoot
      best thread: the ninth
        but let's not forget about how we feel for each other, and the way you smile when you see me, and the butterflies i get when i see you. we don't have to forget the good parts."
        - sedgeleaf (mericet), nothing lasts forever


      member: mericet
      male: oakstorm
      female: mothpaw
      couple: sedgeleaf, lionsong
      friends: pigeon, tickstorm
      enemies: adderstar vs. crowheart
      best thread: when you lose something you can't replace
        "while she could not see the territory she called home, mothpaw imagined that it would have been beautiful. there was a sense of serenity that blanketed her home and the soft sounds of insects and small mammals added to its charm."
        - mothpaw (fallow), how to feign ferocity


      skipped due to real life issues.


      member: zebra
      male: badgerpaw
      female: adderstar
      couple: cottonheart, poppybird
      friends: honeystorm, badgerpaw
      enemies: rowanstar vs. adderstar
      best thread: electric shock
        "she was more than a dappled gray coat, than a flutter of feathers and a chorus of squawks. what exactly she was, though, he would never know. he couldn't. she wasn't clan. it was pure and cruelly simple."
        - stagleap (aspen), who am i?


      member: fallow
      male: magpiestar
      female: vultureheart
      couple: dusthawk, ravenstep
      best thread: no longer lost and alone
      most depressing: elmfoot (staff's choice)
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